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Google bans apps that are delivering weed to the users

On Wednesday, Google updated its Play Store policies, and the search giant is now cracking down on weed delivery apps. There have been reports that Google will no longer entertain the apps in the Play Store, which are dealing in any kind of marijuana products. The ban, which will be on the apps, will also affect the areas where marijuana is legal.

Our news sources have reported that following the new Play Store policies Marijuana apps will still exist on the store, but users won’t be able to deal in marijuana products.

The new policy which Google introduced lately states that users who were earlier dealing in marijuana through an in-app shopping cart feature will now be prohibited from doing so. “The apps will neither be allowed to arrange deliveries or pick up of marijuana products or ‘facilitate the sale of products containing THC,’ such as edibles” read one of the statements.

There have been reports that Google is providing a 30-day time limit to the apps that are dealing in marijuana products to make changes in their services according to the new Play Store policies. Developers are also requested to remove any features that the apps hold and it is violating Play Store policies. If anyhow a developer fails to make the changes in the time frame they will be at risk to be removed from the Play Store, the reports added.

“These apps simply need to move the shopping cart flow outside of the app itself to be compliant with this new policy,” a Google spokesperson told our news sources. “We’ve been in contact with many of the developers and are working with them to answer any technical questions and help them implement the changes without customer disruption.”

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