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Samsung introduces Galaxy Watch Active features in older smartwatches

Now Samsung is introducing its newest software features in its Galaxy watches, and you need not put in efforts for getting the software into the watch. The company announced that from now onwards even the regular watches such as Galaxy watch, Gear S3, and Gear Sport will bring the Active’s One UI interface, health features, and other optimizations.

Basically, Samsung has made our life easy by introducing the software in our regular watches. Now you have a livelier, feasible to access one UI interface which is available in most of the Galaxy devices. Now you can control it nicely, and by pressing buttons, you can change the settings. There is a night mode also, and you can easily maintain the record of your daily briefings. You can also download the active watch faces if you are craving about those from February premiere.

Regarding the health point of view, it is quite faster, and you can track your workout session without any complication with the help of both Samsung Health app and widget. The best part is that it tracks your outdoor activities like swimming. The style of the Watch is similar to Apple watches. It also has a high heart rate alerts and provides you the accurate track of your sleeping by comparing your average sleep as per your age group. You can easily see and track your daily activities from the beginning and can also track your daily achievements by launching the Samsung health.

The watch is pretty much durable, and the Company has promised its users for the amazing battery backup. If you want, you can adjust other settings in the watch, such as brightness and screen timeout. These features will not excite you until and unless you are not a workout freak. You need not recharge your wristwatch through-out the week, and it will not create any hindrance in your weekly program.

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