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Google announces compensation to the Pixel Owners for up to $500

Google has agreed to pay the reimbursement amount to the Google Pixel users after they claimed that the Company deliberately sold the devices with default microphones. The case is still pending with the court, but Google has announced to pay $500 to some of the Pixel owners with the total settlement of $7.25 million. The devices which were manufactured before 4th January 2017 are covered under the lawsuit, according to reports.

There was some issue with the phones back in March 2017, admitted by the company. Google then said that less than 1 percent of Pixel devices reported a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec.” Because of this problem, the device had issues with calling and the function related to voice assistance. That time Google promised that they would fix the issue immediately, but just before the year was about to end, the angry customers registered a complaint against the company because of selling defective items.

The owners of the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL have been divided into four categorize to find out how much compensation the users are entitled to. The company is going to pay the due amount to those owners who returned a phone with a defective microphone. The owners with faulty phones will be paid up to $500 in the settlement. The owners with a single broken phone will get up to $350, on the other hand, the users who have to pay insurance deductible will get its full value. As per this settlement, the users of the pixel who did not witness any issue with the phone will get $20.

The court’s final decision is still pending regarding the Pixel microphone case, and you all cannot submit a claim for the amount as they have not started it online.

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