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Nintendo is offering you to play Tetris 99 offline by paying $10

Japanese game designer giant Nintendo has made their one of the best seller game Tetris 99 free to play. There have been reports that after seeing the title, many users have switched the online membership. Now Nintendo is introducing a paid component for the players with the new $10 Big Block DLC. You can also access the two modes in the game. The first mode is “CPU Battle” by which you can play 98 virtual opponents offline, and the second mode is “Marathon,” which is just classic line-clearing action. Both the modes can be accessed offline, which means that it is not necessary to switch to online option while playing the game.

Earlier this year with the release of a Battle Royale mode in the Tetris 99, Nintendo has brought a new hook to the classic game. The mode will not only help you fight with 98 opponents but if you succeed in gaining badges and clearing lines, you can easily defeat your competitor. Only one player will be announced as a winner. It will cut down players from 98 to 50 and then ten later declaring one person as a winner of the game.

The CPU Battle mode while playing offline will also work in the same manner but only with computer competitors instead of live players. With this process, you can enhance your skills before playing the game with the actual live players. One more good news for the players on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the game is that Nintendo also declared the Tetris 99 3rd Maximus Cup tournament which is starting from May 17 and will end on 19th. Those players who will be able to earn at least 100 event points will get a chance to unlock an in-game theme which is inspired by Nintendo’s original Game Boy Tetris version.

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