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Samsung gains over Apple in the Smartwatch race

The Smartwatches still did not receive that much of importance like the smartphones do, but the fact is that the market is rapidly increasing, not only the apple watches are getting the benefits, but other brands are too benefiting.

As per the data provided by the Counterpoint’s Q1 2019 global smart watch shipment, the shipments of the smartwatches have grown overall by 48% year-on-year. Apple is still expected to be leading in the race with a market share of 35.8% and happens to be on number one.

As compared to the previous year, the market share of Apple has dropped down to 35.5%. On the other hand, other companies like Samsung have reported a significant increase in the market share.

This year the market share reported by the Samsung’s smartwatch was 11.1%, in comparison to the previous year in which it was just 7.2%, and the company shifted its position from third place to second place. Samsung has such a fantastic collection like Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung is doing pretty good business in the market.

Talking about other brands like Fitbit and Huawei they also have reported an extensive profit this year. Still the overall profit made by Fitbit and Huawei is quite less in comparison to Apple and Samsung.

The other brands like Garmin and Fossil reported a drop in their market share, but that doesn’t always mean that they are at a loss. By all these details we can make out that the smartwatch market is doing pretty much good. Apple still seems to be the first choice of buyers, but we can also sense a healthy competition here.

The newly launched Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is not one of the great watches of galaxy series. The best part is that the watch is available at a much lower price if we compare with other galaxy smartwatches. Samsung Galaxy watch offers a large display with amazing health features.

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